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Executive Business & Sports

September 22, 2024- September 26, 2024

Executive Business & Sports 
Four Day Seminar

Hosted by Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson, The Sampson Group Executive Business & Sports 4-Day Event offers an extraordinary opportunity for business executives to immerse themselves in a dynamic blend of sports and business education. Set at the premier Henrico County Sports and Event Center, this event is designed to provide participants with invaluable insights and skills that bridge the worlds of business and sports, enhancing their leadership capabilities and strategic thinking.

Event Overview

Over four action-packed days, participants will engage in a variety of activities that combine the intensity of sports with the strategic acumen of business. Whether you choose to step onto the court as a  player or take the sidelines as an assistant coach, you will be guided by legendary sports figures, including Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson, NFL stars, and top-tier coaches. Alongside these sporting experiences, you will participate in executive education sessions developed in collaboration with the renowned TBD School of Business.


Key Highlights

Sports and Business Integration Learn how principles from the sports arena can be applied to business practices. From teamwork and leadership to strategic planning and performance optimization, discover how these concepts can transform your business operations.

Interactive Seminars

Engage in hands-on sessions led by experts from the TBD.  Topics include leadership development, strategic decision-making, effective communication, and organizational dynamics.

Draft Night 

Experience the excitement and strategy of team selection, mirroring the high-stakes environment of professional sports drafts.

Executive Panel Discussions

 Gain insights from a panel of seasoned professionals who have successfully navigated the intersections of sports and business, offering unique perspectives and practical advice.

Championship Tournament

Put your skills to the test in a thrilling basketball tournament, culminating in a championship game that showcases teamwork, strategy, and competitive spirit.

Image by David Dvořáček

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