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Ralph Sampson

Founder & CEO


As the Founder and CEO of TSG, Ralph Sampson, a basketball legend and Hall of Famer, is renowned for his college and NBA career and business savvy. Standing at 7 feet 4 inches, his unmatched versatility and skill earned him multiple college Player of the Year awards, All-Star titles, and the NBA Rookie of the Year, revolutionizing the center position. Beyond basketball, Sampson has excelled as an entrepreneur, applying his strategic insight across various industries and emerging as a formidable figure in the business world.

Transitioning his leadership from sports to business, Sampson has made significant strides in investments and innovation, demonstrating a keen understanding of market trends. His entrepreneurial ventures highlight his adaptability and forward-thinking approach to navigating the corporate landscape.

Sampson's commitment extends to community involvement and philanthropy, focusing on youth empowerment, education, and health. He has made a lasting impact through his charitable efforts, showcasing the power of giving back. Ralph Sampson's legacy embodies excellence in athletics, business acumen, and community service, serving as an enduring inspiration across multiple spheres.

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