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Maurice Kelly



Maurice Kelly, Director of WC Hospitality, leads the Matchbox franchise in Charlottesville, VA, achieving a 120% revenue increase through strategic partnerships and organic growth, under Thompson Hospitality, the largest minority-owned food services provider in the US. His leadership exemplifies his skill in maximizing brand potential for significant business achievements.

As the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Windpact, Inc., Maurice has driven innovation in safety technology, securing a US patent and forming vital partnerships across sports, defense, and automotive sectors. His entrepreneurial spirit and visionary approach have positioned Windpact as a leader in its field.

With a strong foundation in Management Information Systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an undergraduate degree from Norfolk State University, Maurice's career is marked by strategic growth and innovation across sectors. His contributions to logistics, technology, and education highlight his commitment to excellence and industry advancement.

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