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Gary Reeves



Reeves has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry by fostering social impact enterprises and securing influential marketing and branding partnerships across film, TV, merchandising, and music, contributing to over 25 million records sold globally. A pioneer in introducing branding partnerships within the music industry, he successfully aligned artists with brands, reducing costs and expanding audience reach. His strategic insight led to the success of several chart-topping projects, including the iconic R&B group En Vogue.

Transitioning from music to corporate strategy, Reeves played a crucial role in shaping Magic Johnson’s business ventures as the Director of Corporate Partnerships and Branding for MJ Enterprises. His innovative approach helped establish Johnson's significant urban development endeavors.

Reeves then expanded his expertise into television, producing notable projects for Jamie Foxx, including Laffapalooza and stand-up specials, through corporate partnerships that allowed Foxx to own his content. His inventive business model garnered attention in Hollywood, leading to a collaboration with Blair Underwood on philanthropic and entertainment ventures. Reeves' career is a testament to his visionary approach and impact across various entertainment sectors.

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