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The Sampson Group Teamed Up with Keepwith at the NYSE to Empower Tech Founders and Tackle Loneliness

Updated: Feb 22

Ralph Sampson (NBA Hall of Famer), Jeff Johnson (Managing Partner at The Sampson Group) and Megan Burke Roudebush (CEO + Founder, keepwith) on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

The Sampson Group on the NYSE Floor with Keepwith
The Sampson Group on the NYSE Floor with Keepwith Founder Megan Burke

The universal relevance of keepwith's mission has garnered the support of icons such as Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson and his Managing Partner at The Sampson Group, Jeff Johnson. Their alliance with keepwith underscores the platform's crucial role in societal well-being and their commitment to nurturing female and underrepresented tech founders at the convergence of sports, business, and technology. Both joined keepwith in New York City, saying, "We champion the power of networking and relationships, as keepwith is committed to fostering strong connections. With the Surgeon General highlighting loneliness as a health crisis, keepwith is actively addressing this issue. We are here to support keepwith because

we believe this is a big idea. As the CEO and Founder, Megan has positioned keepwith, utilizing cutting-edge technology to create a space where authentic, meaningful connections thrive and we wanted to be here to learn more. We are going to be announcing something special in the coming weeks.

"Last week, Burke Roudebush's journey brought her to the 11th Annual IPO Summit hosted at NYSE, a landmark event for keepwith as it prepares for its own IPO-a testament to its financial growth and its profound societal impact. Amid the backdrop of this pivotal summit and its accompanying NFL Day, where keepwith encountered key opportunities to network and build relationships within the national sports ecosystem, Burke Roudebush hosted a powerful testament to her belief in the strength of in-person connections: keepwith's inaugural Fierce Women's Dinner. This gathering of influential women across industries was more than a networking event; it was a celebration of solidarity and shared ambition, reflecting keepwith's ethos of fostering genuine, authentic, real-world relationships through digital facilitation.

Approximately 60% of people in the United States report feeling lonely, with isolation a primary cause, and over 50% struggle to keep up with their network connections. To help combat these issues, keepwith leverages SaaS to provide technology and education that bring individuals together, not apart.

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